It is a moment of great pride and honour to announce that Fatima Kamal Islam of class IV from our school, was selected for the 49th National Roller Skating Championship held at Bengaluru from 23rd to 28th Jan., 2012 organized by the Karnataka Rolling Skating Association, and she reached the semi- finals at the Tournament.

She also proudly led the team of Rajasthan State in the teams’ march at the tournament .

We congratulate her on this proud feat and wish her tremendous success in her future endeavours.


The Second Rajasthan State Level Alpine Abacus Mental Arithmetic Competition was held on 21st January 2012.

It is indeed a matter of great pride that both the Champion of Champions Awards were bagged by the students of our school.

In the Junior section Siddharth Kothari of class III and in the Senior Section Himanshi Khanwani of class V secured the Champion of Champions award.

Siddharth Kothari got the 1st prize in the Third Term.

Harshit Garg got 1st prize in Second Term and Himanshi Lashkari and Shreshth Agarwal got 3rd prize in the Foundation Term.

In the Third Term Sankalp Kothari and Vanshika Gupta got the 2nd and 3rd prize respectively.

In the Sixth Term , Himanshi Khanwani got the 1st prize. Raghvi Rawat and Yashika Dhamani got the 2nd and 3rd prize respectively.

Appreciation Awards were given to Shivi Bansal, Radhika Agarwal, Mohammad Kaif, Sanchit Vijayvergia, Rudrakshi Vijay, Harsh Gujrani, Ritwik Chandwani, Lakshya Valiramani, Shubi Jain, Yatin Patni, Gunjan Payal and Hitesh Jain.

Heartiest Congratulations to all !!


The talent and skills of our children are exhibited in all the spheres of their education. The brilliance is radiated all around for us to take pride and pat their backs.

IAIS Examination 2011-12

The State Level HIGH DISTINCTION and DISTINCTION holders in the IAIS Examination are as follows :


Yatin Patni in Mathematics (Class IV)

Lakshya Khandelwal in Computers (Class IV)


Mathematics (15)

  • Arsal Sheikh              (Class V A )
  • Varun Singh             (Class IV A)
  • Samarth Goyal         (Class III A)
  • Sankalp Kothari      (Class III B)
  • Sheikh Sadi                (Class III A)
  • Siddharth Kothari   (Class III A)
  • Tanishka Dhama     (Class III A)
  • Arushi Batwara       (Class III A)
  • Bhavika Khemani   (Class III A)
  • Diya Agarwal           (Class III A)
  • Harshit Garg            (Class III A)
  • Kashish HAsrat        (Class III A)
  • Kavya Poddar          (Class III A)
  • Nemish Koolwal      (Class III A)
  • Riya Moolrajani      (Class III A)

English (5)

  • Ayush Bindal           (Class III D)
  • Diya Agarwal           (Class III A)
  • Kashish Hasrat        (Class III A)
  • Vaibhav Golani        (Class V B)
  • Siddharth Kothari   (Class III A)

Science (7)

  • Bhavya Sharma       (Class V  B)
  • Yatin Patni                (Class IV B)
  • Akshika Golya         (Class III  B)
  • Riya Moolrajani      (Class III  A)
  • Samarth Goyal          (Class III  A)
  • Siddharth Kothari    (Class III  A)
  • Vinayak Fatehpuria(Class III  A)

Computer (5)

  • Mehak Chandwani  (Class V  A)
  • Yatin Patni               (Class IV B)
  • Varun Singh             (Class IV  A)
  • Siddharth Kothari   (Class III  A)
  • Sankalp Kothari      (Class III  B)

Congratulations to All !!!


Sports plays a pivotal role in a student’s life teaching him the valuable lessons of life; be it discipline, accountability, dedication or determination.

The thrill of just participation, leave alone winning, casts an indelible impact on the child’s psyche and propels him forward to achieve his goals in life !!

Our sports stars won gold, silver and bronze medals in ‘Kata’ and ‘Kumite’ at  the Inter School Karate Championship at Maharaja Sawai Bhavani Singh School, Jagatpura organized by the GOJU-RYU  Karate Do Federation of India International.

The gold medal winners are:

  • Bhavya Sharma in Kata.
  • Tanish Gupta in Kumite.
  • Ani Agarwal in Kumite.
  • Lakshya Valiramani in Kata
  • Lakshya Valiramani in Kumite
  • Pulkit Jain in Kumite
  • Mehak Chandwani in Kumite

The silver medal winners are:

  • Bhavya Sharma in Kumite.
  • Mehak Chandwani in Kata.
  • Ananya Gupta in Kumite.

The bronze medal winners are:                    

  • Aadrika Gajawat in Kata
  • Ayush Jaipuria in Kata
  • Gaurav Bajaj in Kumite
  • Gaurav Bajaj in Kata.

The participant certificates were given to:

  • Vipra Baid
  • Vinayak Kahndelwal
  • Vaibhav Golani
  • Anmol Moolrajani
  • Gaurang Khandelwal
  • Gunjan Payal
  • Himanshi Khanwani
  • Isha Kothari
  • Kaustubhi Gupta
  • Khushi Badetia
  • Pranav Ramrakhani
  • Riddhi Haldia
  • Ritwaik Chandwani
  • Sachi Badaya
  • Sanchit Vijayvergia
  • Siddhi Haldia
  • Sivant Bindal
  • Suryansh Jain

Heartiest Congratulations to all the winners and participants!!!


The Raffle Prize Winners are as follows:

PRIZE                               Raffle Ticket #               Prize Won

1st PRIZE                             1042                                     HERO HONDA MOTOR CYCLE

2nd PRIZE                           3310                                     LAPTOP

3rd PRIZE                            7095                                     A.C.

4th PRIZE                            4635                                     HOME THEATRE

5th PRIZE                            6536                                     REFRIGERATOR

6th PRIZE                           4704                                     21” L.C.D

7th PRIZE                           6320                                     PLAY STATION

8th PRIZE                            6067                                     WASHING MACHINE

9th PRIZE                            6390                                     MICROWAVE

10th PRIZE                         1005                                     VIDEO GAME

11th PRIZE                         1094                                     MOBILE

12th PRIZE                         1029                                     RACING CYCLE

13th PRIZE                         7108                                     JUICER MIXER GRINDER

14th PRIZE                         1433                                     ELECTRIC IRON

15th PRIZE                         7117                                     HAND BLENDER

Many Many Congratulations to all !!