A Trip to the Pink City

The students of class III of our school, accompanied by their class teachers, had a wonderful day exploring the important landmarks of Jaipur city such as the Hawa Mahal, RBI, World Trade Park, Secretariat, JDA, SMS Hospital etc. via a trip on a double decker bus.

The excitement of being in an open bus combined with the enthusiasm to have a glimpse of these wonderful buildings and monuments of Jaipur, made for a very innovative yet informative learning experience.The ‘Lessons truly came alive.’


The students of class IV had an ‘appetizing’ day on 14th Feb as they celebrated  ‘Rajasthani food festival’.

The desert is one of the prominent physical features of our country, and what better way to  understand its significance than to celebrate the rich and varied foods available in the biggest desert state of India-Rajasthan.

The ‘Rajasthani’ platter so well arranged and displayed by the students was a visual treat for everyone. Our principal ma’am interacted with the students, pricking their curiosity about the desert area of Rajasthan.

No festival is complete without the songs and dances. Our talented students were no less in exhibiting their nimble feet when they swayed to the folk tunes of Rajasthan.

The team work, delicious food to savour, enriching interaction with Principal ma’am and dancing frivolity all made the day fun yet very fruitful !!


With a vision and mission to create awareness for  healthy lifestyle practices especially in terms of physical activity and nutrition, among the students, staff and parents , the school organized a ‘Wellness Day’ in association with RIDHM  Health & Wellness Pvt. Ltd.

The students of classes IV to VI were given a complete checkup in terms of measurement of height, weight, BMI, WHR and flexibility, along with an individual analysis and suggestion about physical activity routine based on the findings.

Even the teachers were given the same feedback based on the findings of various risk assessments.

The mini session on aerobics and exercises to keep one- self healthy and fit, was thoroughly enjoyed by students and teachers alike.

The session with the class VI students along with their parents was very helpful in making them understand the physical routine and nutritional requirement of the preteen and teenage years.

The important facts about nutrition and exercise, essential for the holistic development were told and discussed with the parents, who would be instrumental in ensuring the same at their end.


The skilled orators of our school from classes V and VI spoke vehemently and assertively on the chosen topics in the ‘English Debate Competition.’

The topis were:

Class V: “Should cricket be held responsible for the apathy of the National game?”

Class VI: “Technocrats have influenced the human history more than the philosophers”.

Winners are as follows:

Class V: 1st position : Himanshi Khanwani 2nd position : Lakshya Valiramani

Best Speaker: Himanshi Khanwani

Class VI : 1st position : Aayushi Gupta 2nd position : Hameer Singh Rathore

Best Speaker: Aayushi Gupta

Congratulations to the winners and kudos to all the participants !!!