Come Diwali and with it, the festival brings oodles of cheer, happiness, brightness and gaiety. The symbolism of dispelling the darkness of evil and spreading the light of goodness came to meaningful existence with the students and teachers of the Palace school celebrating Diwali in school.

The special assembly was conducted by Class I children and a gamut of cultural programs was displayed by all the classes.

Class II presented a fun-filled dance spreading energy all around. Class III had a beautiful Diwali song for all. Class IV students mesmerized everyone with a melodious bhajan. Class V had everyone swinging to their feet with a fusion dance.

Most importantly amongst all the fun, the guidelines for a safe and eco friendly Diwali were not lost out. Class VI students read out the same and teachers demonstrated the safe methods of burning and bursting crackers.

The students had loads of fun in witnessing the crackers and went home with keen enthusiasm to celebrate the festival with family and friends.

We wish all the students and their loved ones A Very Happy and Prosperous Diwali !!

Presentation on the United Nations

The students of The Palace School had a rare opportunity to meet and interact with Wing Commander Taruna Singh on 20th Oct., 2011. She was kind enough to take out some time from her busy schedule to make a presentation on the ‘United Nations’ for the benefit of the students.

The students were captivated and motivated by the significance and purpose of the UN as explained by her through her immense experience and knowledge as she herself has been a part of the UN peace keeping mission.

The interaction after the presentation was testimony to the fact that the students were inquisitive about the defense forces and they displayed a visible urge to be able to serve the country.

We thank her again for sharing her valuable time with us.

Inter Class Declamation Contest

An Inter-class Declamation Contest was held amongst the students of Class IV on 20th Oct., 2011. For the first time the students delivered the famous speech by two of the famous personalities of the world.

The first speech was by Martin Luther King Jr. “I have a dream” and the second was by John F Kennedy “ Ask not what your country can do for you”.

The participants spoke with much aplomb and confidence and had the audience spellbound by their confidence level.

The result of the contest is as follows:

Best Speaker for Martin Luther King Jr speech : Atharva Sharma (IV A)

Best Speaker for John F Kennedy speech: Shubi Jain (IV B)

Class Winner: Class IV B

An escapade to Himachal Pradesh

In line with the Palace School ethos an educational cum  adventure tour was planned to Himachal Pradesh and adjoining hills.

Imagine an exposure of Hills, snow and altitude, fast flowing rivulets and a completely different culture as compared to the plains and arid land of Rajasthan. The students of classes IV to VI thoroughly enjoyed visiting places like Manali, Kullu, Rohtang Pass, Solang Valley and Chandigarh. They were awestruck by the natural beauty of the places they visited. They reveled in adventure activities like trekking, river crossing and rafting. The adrenaline rush due to the adventurous activities in the scenic locales made for an unforgettable experinece for the energetic and effervescent youngsters of The Palace School.

They also had the rare opportunity to meet Col. Premchand ,the first man to climb Kanchenjunga, the highest peak of India and       Sh.  Nekchand , creator  and director of Rock Garden , Chandigarh. Both the eminent personalities had such valuable bits of information and knowledge to share with the fertile young minds  and each student felt greatly inspired and motivated .

For most of the children it was an eye opener to see a different  dimension of nature than the browns of Rajasthan and also first time to stay away from the comfort zones of their own homes. The independence , skill and the will required to be a mature and and responsible person was well learnt and exihibited by all the students.

It was indeed a great learning cum fun experience for them.

A Step Towards Preserving The Fauna

The 57th Wild Life Week from 01st Oct to 07th Oct 2011 was celebrated at the Jaipur Zoo. This programme was dedicated to Asia’s oldest tigress Reshma. Different competitions like quiz, essay writing, on the spot painting etc. were held.

Princess Diya Kumari Ji was invited as the Chief Guest. She along with hundreds of school children took the oath to save the wild life and preserve the nature. A group of 30 students from The Palace School escorted by Ms. Alafiya Siddiqui also participated in the oath taking ceremony.

Navratri Celebration

Navratri festivities got underway at The Palace School with amazing zeal amongst the children to celebrate the nine day long festival to commemorate and invoke the blessings of Goddess Durga in her various forms.
Special assembly was held by the children of class I in which Durga Puja was performed in the Bengali manner; students offered prayers and presented a beautiful recital.
The entire school cherished the Garba celebration held on 30th Sept in the Kamal Burj garden. The students of all classes from Level I to Class VI came dressed in traditional Garba and Dandia attire which made for a spectacular visual treat for everyone to see and relish.
The positivity and energy exuberating out of the colourful costumes combined with the enthusiasm of dancing to the dandia folk songs made the entire day extremely successful and fruitful. The children’s joy knew no bounds and for some it was definitely an experience of a lifetime. The icing on the cake for the children was when Respected Principal maa’m and teachers joined in the festivities and played Garba with them. And once the photograph clicking started then there was no end to getting those precious moments captured forever.
The students went back thrilled to revel in the festive season at home too.

We wish all our students and their loved ones a very Happy and Prosperous Festive Season !!!