District Level Gymnastic Championship Results

District Level Gymnastic Championship

The students of The Palace School manifested their extra-ordinary talent in District Level Gymnastic Championship – 2010 for the Primary level. It was held in Manda Bhim Singh Village, Sambhar from August 28th to August 30th . Students from 13 Districts participated in  the competition. The students of The Palace School who participated and stood I  in  various categories are :

  1. Siddharth Chakrvorty  - Std. V B
  2. Ram Chandra Temani – Std. V – B
  3. Sivant Bindal – Std. IV – A
  4. Parth Sonkhiya – Std. IV – A

The students who stood III

  1. Palak Agarwal  – Std. V – A
  2. Sachi Badaya – Std. – IV –B
  3. Vidhi Haldiya – Std. – IV –B
  4. Aadrika Gajawat – Std. III- A

T – Shirt Designing Competition

bhavyaBhavya Sharma of class IV- B stood II in the  Interschool T-Shirt Designing competition held at Step by Step school recently. The topic of the competition was “ Growing Up.”

Fancy dress Competition

Aditya Kothari of Std. – II-D got the first prize in Interschool fancy dress competition held at The Fern .The competition had been organized by WORLD (Wing of Research in Local Development). The topic of the competition was “Wild Life”.

Congratulations !!

You have  made us proud. !

Europe Day Celebration Pictures & more

Europe Day Celebration

Europe day was celebrated by the children of level – II with elan. The celebration started with the introduction of the continent followed by various performances related to different countries like Italy, France, Sweden, Spain and England. Grace and elegance came to the fore when our four year olds performed the Ballet Dance. Then came the scintillating  MILAN FASHION SHOW where the kids walked the ramp. They were no less than the professional Milan models attired in their branded tuxedos and gowns. This was followed by the St. Lucia dance from Sweden after which there was a French and a Spanish song.

The children spoke confidently about these countries on the mike and looked adorable dressed in interesting European costumes. It was delightful to see the four year olds do the anchoring with supreme ease and confidence.

Ms. Urvashi Warman , our Principal, laughed aloud when a child expressed her desire to gift a Mont Blanc pen to Ma’am .

The children also depicted a version of Madame Tussauds Museum where they emulated different celebrities and walked the stage and stood still like statues. We had superb look a likes  Michael Jackson , Dalai Lama, Lady Diana , Prince Charles, Amitabh Bachchan  amongst other. The cultural show came to an end with the famous Spanish  Macarena . The children rocked.

Apart from the cultural show, there was a separate display section . Here the models of the Eiffel Tower, The Leaning Tower of Pisa and the map of Europe with all the flags of various countries could be seen . It also included display of bags, perfumes and electronic items of some famous European brands . the folders made by the children were much appreciated by all. The backdrop of the display area was done up with charts showing the important places, popular sports animals and eatables of Europe.

With untiring efforts of the teachers and with immense enthusiasm of our children, a series of original and innovative activities were included to celebrate the ‘Europe Day’   which turned out to be a well put up show and the children were appreciated for the confidence they showed on the stage .

No celebration can be complete without a party. The day ended with a lot of music, dance and mouth watering savouries  like pizza and pasta served to all the children .

Shaista Rehman and Kaashvi Sethi