You did made rocked it..and it was an unforgettable experience !

Dear Team@ThePalaceSchool,

Since last few days, we all parents have been  following this blog where Mrs.Warman had been taking pains to share the hard work she and her team had been doing to make this show successful, and today I decided to take the privilege to write a post on the blog as a parent. Not from my side but on behalf of the entire community of parents & spectators, who were left speechless after experiencing the the euphoric moments of the spell-binding performance of all the lovely kids at such a small age.

I can safely say that today’s Annual Function “India’s tryst with Destiny” was made with sincerity, sweat, ambition, fun, patriotism and conviction. It grappled most beautiful & breath taking moments from the struggle of India’s freedom fight. The entire show had such a striking performance by the little kids from 3 – 1/2 t0 9 years age that it left every spectator speechless with into moments of tears, laughter & astonishment. It makes me wonder the kind of hard work would have gone to recreate this slice of history that explored the arrival of  Britishers, mutiny of freedom fighters, Jalianwala Bagh, scenes from the meetings of Gandhi ji, Netaji, Azad, Maulana, and then the Speech of Pt. Nehru “India’s tryst with Destiny” …all woven together with beautiful and breathtaking choreography. Today’s show not only reflected the emotions but also balanced form and beautiful content. Lavishly mounted and recreating India’s struggle for freedom with precision..this program left us speechless.

I had my share of goosebumps – some of the scenes like Jalianwalah Bagh, the massive assassination of freedom fighters & the performance on Vande Matram were absolutely spellbinding. The sequence of events that led to the freedom were woven so beautifully that all of us could not help but get transported to an era when British ruled India. If you were born in India, you must have seen so many freedom struggle shows that watching another program with this theme could be a hard thing to watch. This is because recreating history in a beautiful way is difficult task and with the limited resources & the kids at such young age it was an impossible thing to do…but – you all at palace school made it possible and we were all glued to our seats for the 2 hours only worrying about one thing “This show should not end and go on and on” ….the entire program talked about the fighters, their heroism, their contribution to India’s freedom movement so effectively and immaculately that you can’t help but salute all the little kids and the entire team behind it.

To sum up- The entire show was mesmerizing, hypnotizing & breath-stopping! The backdrops, sound effects, choreography, the beautiful costumes & finally the comparing in the commanding voice of Mrs Warman (some of you might not be knowing this…but the dubbing of the entire event was done by Mrs.Warman) and the performance of our little kids created such a beautiful show that it become deeply empowering, inspiring & appeared like a freedom epic. Kudos to the entire team that fibered the connective tissue tying it together in a flawless program that all parents like me would treasure for years to come. The show did succeeded in arousing patriotic feelings without a shred of doubt.

We are all proud of the entire team of Palace School & all technicians who gave their best and everything they had to bring together this beautiful show. We have our sincere regards especially to the Founder of School, Princess Diya Kumari Ji and our wonderful Principal Mrs.Urvashi Warman. You did it…and did it like no one else could have done it & I’m sure all parents share the same feeling as I do. Quoting one of the parent’s comment I’d end this note of thanks for all of you Team@ThePalaceSchool .. “The best investment you do in your life is your child’s education” ..and we parents are proud to make this investment already with Palace School.

Thanks once again…at the end…”Aal iZZ Well”


Ravish Gupta & all Parents & Viewers of the show

P.S . Dear Parents, If you share the same feelings as I do about the program & the entire team of The Palace School, please leave a comment and give your vote of thanks to them !

Last few hours to go, the countdown has begun for the Grand Finale !

Dear Parents,

It’s the eve of the Annual Day celebration and all of us have butterflies fluttering in our stomach. We are keeping our fingers crossed against any last minute glitches. The children are amazing but we wonder – will the costumes and light distract them from their performance? What if one of them has a negative mood swing and decides to bawl his lungs out? Coz, in this eventuality ten others will follow suit!  They did look a bit disconcerted with the stage suddenly turning dark for change of scene. We had a level – I kid who was not happy at all with this new development and refused to let go of her teacher’s hand during the performance! So we had a teacher join in too .I remember, during the previous Annual Day, we had a group of level – I children marching in as European Soldiers. They refused to budge at the last moment! So their teacher very patiently wore the soldier’s headgear, took a gun in her hand and marched with the children for the scene! So, don’t be surprised if you see an adult’s face amongst the tiny tots. Our children’s comfort level is our utmost concern and if that means the teacher goes up on the stage – so be it.

We have just received news that one of the main historical characters may not be able to make it for the annual as his grandmother is very serious. We panicked. One evening to go, how do we get a character ready so fast ? We have planned an alternative. I hope we don’t have to use it. Another key character is hospitalized – extremely high fever. I wonder, if God forbid one or two more characters get indisposed…what will we do?

I would like to mention the hard work put in by the teacher to. All of them have been staying back till late evening, neglecting their homes and children just to get the back stage work organized. Some of them have risen above personal problems (very sick child at home, accident of the husband, examination, etc.) to fulfill their professional duties. Their team spirit, cheerful coordination (though we have had our share of flare ups too!), patience, sincerity and dedication are worth appreciation. Here’s a video shot by one of our teacher ‘Safiya’ when the rest of them were tired after long hours of practice sessions.

Though I am very confident that the program will be a success, yet, what makes me happier is the fact that each one of us – right from the Busker’s team, the children, class- IV employees, teacher’s to our office staff – everybody has put in their 100% and ultimately, I think, that is what matters.

We look forward to your presence tomorrow 15 March 2010 at the Birla Auditorium.


Mrs.Urvashi Warman

Important Announcement for Annual Function Day and Session Break.

Dear Parents,

Please read the following announcements and follow the instructions carefully for Annual Function Day’s reporting time & other events:

  1. Children must report to the BIRLA Auditorium at 1300 hrs (1.00 PM) Sharp.
  2. They should be dressed in the costumes given to them with appropriate footwear.
  3. Hair should be done up very neatly as instructed by the teacher in-charge.
  4. Children must carry their tiffin boxes and water bottles.
  5. Please send your child with a packet of safety pins & hair pins

Handing Over :

  1. After the programme is over parents are requested to proceed for light refreshments in the garden to the right side of the auditorium.
  2. We will take about half an hour to change the costumes of the children and regroup them according to their class and sections.
  3. Children will be handed over from Gate No. 1 & Gate No.2 facing the refreshment area. We will begin handing over from LEVEL I onwards. Kindly listen to your ward’s class being called out & only then come towards the gates mentioned.
  4. Please do not panic. Do not be in rush to collect your child as it will create a chaos. A little patience on your part will help us to function smoothly.

Session Break :

  • Term & Holidays begin from Tuesday March 16, 2010 till Wednesay March 24, 2010.

New Sessions :

  • New Sessions begins from Thursday, March 25, 2010(With summer timing – 8.00 am to 1.40 om) for children of Level 2 Onwards.
  • Level I will join school on Thursday, April 01, 2010.

We look forward to see you on our Annual Function on March 15, 2010.


School Management

We would be having another post from Our Principal on the Making of Event 2010. Please do check us back in few minutes for the last minute scenes from the making of Annual Function Day 2010

Proud of our kids and a note of thanks to all.

‘Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the  moments that take our breath away’.

And this is exactly what  we hope will happen to you when you see your children perform on the March  15.

You can catch the tiniest of the lot, the level I children – shouting  slogans with Gandhi ji,  as earnest citizens of India and also as citizens  who came together with the leaders of the first war of independence in  1857, to plan the ouster of the Britishers. Isn’t it amazing that these young kids are experiencing the churning of history at this young tender age! Initially, when the practices  started, these little fellows had to be slowly shepherded to the center  stage to take up their position – looking utterly lost and bewildered at  the sudden change in school routine. Gradually, with consecutive  practices, the bewildered look gave way to shy smiles, as the older children and teachers would either cuddle them or pull their cheeks with “cho chweet” said repeatedly to them. And now, as the final day draws closer, they look somewhat confident and also seem to enjoy their routine. Though, we do have a few who would rather stay in the classroom and study!

The level II children have amazed all of us. They took to stage and dancing like fish to water! It never ceases to amaze us to see them enter the stage with a supreme confident look in their eye and a visible confidence in their steps. There are times when the teacher may miss the cue to their entry, having got distracted by something, but these little angels, they never miss their cue. There were days when their steps were getting changed daily, which would get us worried that they may get confused. But no! every change was adapted with perfect ease.

Level III children have displayed amazing maturity. They are carrying some very important scenes on their fragile shoulders.

Dear kids!  You make our hearts swell with pride!

As promised we are uploading the videos of practice sessions. Don’t forget to check out the videos  They have been uploaded for you to see, enjoy and appreciate the hard work your children are putting in.

We are getting regular queries about how to make maximum usage of the blog. For this reason, we have requested Mr. Ravish Gupta, CEO of  WIPL, our Technology Partner, to put in a few posts, giving guidelines about the blog, how to integrate your mobile phone on twitter and to become a member of The Palace School fan club on Facebook. Yes! We are now going to be on Facebook too !

I take this opportunity to thank Mr. Ravish Gupta, father of Vanya Gupta level I, from the core of my heart. Infact, the entire Palace School family would like to express their gratitude, for without his initiative, support & undying passion for this project, this blog would not have been possible. So do watch out for his posts from time to time to get the maximum benefits of this initiative.

I would also like to thank all the parents for the wonderful comments you’ve left on my posts. When we see your positive feedback, it makes all of us more confident & energized and yet a little nervous too, as the anticipation and excitement for the event has been rising day by day. We are confident that the hardwork that the entire team of our teachers & kids have put in would make the final day an unforgettable experience for the spectators.

Looking forward to your presence on March 15.


Mrs.Urvashi Warman

Making of Annual Function 2010 & how it started.

“Success is a journey not a destination.”

The journey of making of ’India’s Tryst With Destiny’ has been such a beautiful journey. It was the month of June 2009 when I started to mull over the topic on which we would have our Annual Day. A tough task. I wanted the programme to have the elements of education as well as entertainment. It took me nearly a month to tentatively arrive at a decision that we should showcase India’s struggle for freedom Such a vast topic, where to begin ? I thought lets start at the very beginning from ancient India. And so after much research I started writing out scenes tracing India’s history from the coming of Aryans. Soon I was hopelessly lost. There was just too much ! How can one encompass the history of such a rich country in a programme which would not last longer than an hour ?

A Month’s work was torn to shreds and chucked into the dustbin. I was stumped, getting anxious day by day as the mind refused to work. Then finally towards the end of August I arrived at the decision that we should begin with the arrival of the Britishers and end with attainment of freedom. No doubt the topic is a bit clichéd yet evergreen. It is so important for the coming generation to be aware of our tumultuous past, to appreciate the sacrifices of millions of Indians, to understand that they have a legacy to nurture.

And so taking cue from Pandit Jawaharlal Lal Nehru’s speech given at the stroke of the midnight hour on August 15, 1947, came the title of our magnum opus (!) ‘India’s Tryst With Destiny’. The script was ready by the first week of December. This was followed by several sessions with Mr.Brijesh Saxena of Ashtha Group (our technical Partners for Productions) Several hours were spent over a number of weeks where in music was decided upon, the setting of the stage, lights props et all. Finally we were ready to go for recordings.

The first phase of recording involved the narration part that went off very smoothly putting me a false sense of assurance that recordings would be a Cakewalk ! But soon I realized that we were not at the half-way mark, in fact we had just began our journey, the hiccups & recording sessions were followed with lot of planning, choreography, costumes & presentations.

It has taken us many months of planning & hard work to reach a stage where we are really looking forward to presenting the Grande Finale to you on March 15, theres is so much to share about the preparation of this event but time is at a premium these days so I promise to share more as soon as I find a breather from the hectic activities going in preparation of this Mega Event. Till then keep visiting our blog to find daily updates, information, photographs and videos and more on the event.

Mrs.Urvashi Warman