Christmas Celebration

Jingle bells and carols all over…the festive feeling was back amidst The Palace School family just when the special arrangements were made for the celebration of one of the most recognized fête all around the globe- “CHRISTMAS”..!!

The day is always celebrated culturally and religiously as it tends to ring out the old year and ring in the new with the birth of Jesus Christ..!!


On 23rd December, everyone gathered in high spirits and as per the routine and custom, assembly commenced with a prayer followed by a thought and news headlines..!!

Later, what caused stir amongst us all, was the live performance by “the heart to heart foundation” along with their musical band “Souled Outs”. They performed the Christmas Carols which was indeed music to the ears. They even showcased their talent by presenting a skit on the life of “Jesus Christ” and his love for humanity..!!

At the end, everyone flung themselves together into the most chanted Christmas chorus “Jingle bells” with the feeling of festivity and love for Santa Claus deep down..!!

Last but not the least, our mentor, Mrs Urvashi Warman, our Principal Madam ushered all of us with her words of wisdom..!!

-Pragya Chandak

Merit in National Financial Literacy Assessment Test

National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM), Mumbai invited students of classes VII to X from all schools to participate in the National Financial Literacy Assessment Test (NFLAT), an online test which was conducted with the support of all the financial sector regulators in India such as RBI, SEBI, IRDA etc.

The NFLAT is one step in the direction to motivate students to learn the concepts of finance and also measure their financial awareness so as to enable them to inculcate this important life skill at an early age which will help them take sound financial decisions later in life also.

The meritorious students from our school who secured more than 50 percentile in India are as follows:

  • Shivangi Kohli (Class IX)
  • Himanshi Khanwani (Class VIII)
  • Bhavya Sharma(Class VIII)
  • Gunjan Payal(Class VIII)
  • Hitesh Jain(Class VIII)
  • Tanisha Gupta(Class VIII)


Heartiest Congratulations to them !!

Inter Class Competitions

Inter Class Competitions are a regular part of  students life in The Palace School. They motivate the students and teachers to put their best foot forward and also help in grooming the overall personality of the students.

Following are the results of two such competitions :

Hindi Recitation Competition (Class III)

Poem: ‘Paryavaran Ki Raksha’ 



1st III C and III B
2nd III D
3rd III A













Story Telling Competition (Class IV)

(Theme: “Christmas”) 




1st Aanya Agarwal IV A
2nd Atiksh Gidwani IV B
3rd Shivi Badaya IV C
4th Shivi Bansal IV D

story telling competition

Congratulations to all !!

English Handwriting Competition

The Winners of the English Handwriting Competition which was held for Classes I to III are:

Class I




1st Jasleen Kaur I D
2nd Samaira Luhadia I A
3rd Sanvi Jain I D

Class II




1st Khushboo Dewnani II C
2nd Khushi Jain II C
3rd Cherish Pareek II A

Class III




1st Varidhi  Goyal III B
2nd Prakhar Lohia III B
3rd Tanuj Soni III C

Heartiest congratulations to all !!

Sports Day 2013-14

The Annual Sports Meet of The Palace School was held on the 13th and 14th of November, 2013. There was a gamut of track and team events for all the classes.


The Sports events were inter-house and the students had been eagerly waiting for the Sports Day wanting to contribute to their houses. The sports field resembled a platter of colours , mixed with palpable excitement and cheering.The field painted an amazing picture of the revelry befitting the Children’s Day !!

The slogans, the cheering and shouting for one’s house , the nervousness at the starting line, the exhilaration at the finishing line and the pride at the victory stand, were all the perfect ingredients for a thrilling , adrenaline packed Sports Meet 2013-14.

The Sports Meet was declared open by Mrs Urvashi Warman, our Principal madam which set the mood for the day with extreme enthusiasm.

The Level I & II kids participated in Balloon Blast race, Ball in the bowl and flat race. Their energy and spirit was commendable.

Classes I to VIII took part in various events such as 50 m race, Relay race, Wheel Barrow race, Go to School race, Lemon Spoon race, Hula Hoop race etc.

The team events such as basketball, cricket and skating also witnessed unanimous uproars for one’s house.

The Sports Meet saw every member of The Palace School enjoy the sporting event. The drivers and conductors, the nannies and the teachers of the school also took part in fun races and got the taste of victory so well reminiscent of their childhood.

The prize distribution ceremony was followed by the announcement of the Best House which was the Peace house followed by the Harmony House. The Peace house students and teachers celebrated with gusto and the other houses vowed to take this coveted trophy next year.







Black Belt Winners in Karate

We are glad to announce that some of our students have cleared the Karate Belt Test organized  by Goju Ryu Karate India International Federation and have become proud BLACK BELT holders !!


They are:

Name Class
Lakshraj Prakash IV A
Anuj Bhandari IV C
Sandeepan Bhatt IV B
Prachee Badaya IV D
Vanshika Gupta V D
Siddharth Kothari V A
Sankalp Kothari V B
Rahul Khandelwal V C
Rishi Goyal VII B
Bhavya Maheshwari VII B
Suryansh Jain VI B
Nikita Maheshwari VI A
Hemraj Bhatia VI B
Ritwik Chandwani VI B

Many Congratulations to them !!